About Telfor

Telecommunications Forum TELFOR 2008 is organized for the 16th time as a domestic and regional annual meeting of those professionals working in the broad fields of Telecommunications and Information Technologies. The participants are mostly telecommunications engineers, but also the economists, jurists, managers, governmental officials, students, researchers, operators, service providers and others. In this way TELFOR is the forum in which all relevant aspects of Telecommunications and IT are discussed: subjects of technical nature, development policy, regulatory and economics matters, education, equipment production, services and operation of systems.
The work of Telecommunications forum TELFOR is organized through:

Different levels and characters of presentations are accepted: presentation of research and scientific results, new ideas, valuable conclusions from experience, state of the art and instructive survey communications. The survey presentations, as well as tutorials and seminars, may be offered by participants or participating companies for acceptance, or can be invited by the Program Committee. The detailed list of technical topics is given within the TELFOR calls. Papers with favorable reviews of the reviewers will be accepted and published in the CD Proceedings. An accepted paper has to be presented in authors or student sections by its author or the co-author. Upon closing of the Fo­rum accepted and presented papers will be posted at www.telfor.rs. Accepted paper that is not presented in the relevant TELFOR Section cannot be referenced as the paper published at the TELFOR.

There is no fee for authors. Single participant’s admittance and their participation either in the authors' sections or in special presentations are also free of charge. The activities of the companies, special tutorials and seminars are to be paid separately.

The significance and influence of the Telecommunications Forum TELFOR among telecommunications’ professionals in Serbia and region is growing each year. TELFOR regularly has a high number of participants, both individuals and companies. Several previous TELFORs were attended by around 2000 registered individual participants from all telecommunications’ segments. Typically, between 150 and 200 thoroughly reviewed scientific and expert papers with 300-400 authors were presented every year and published in the TELFOR Proceedings, in English or Serbian languages. Several dozens of participating companies were in some way involved in the last fifteen years, among which there were the greatest international telecommunications companies like Agilent, Alcatel, Cisco, Ericsson, HP, Huawey, Intracom, Juniper, Motorola, Rohde & Schwarz, Siemens, etc., together with their local partners, as well as around 50 other domestic and international supporting organizations.

Chairman of the Steering Committee
Prof. Dr George Paunovic


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